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Very long measure with speech

Greetings to you all.
How could I solve the problem of the measure indicated in the image.
It is the recitation of a "Libera me, domine".
Thanks to those who want to answer.

Re: Very long measure with speech

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"Just write it" - see my attached attempts (I wrote only the lower two staves). Hidden rests extend the upper "long measure" to the same length as the one in the basses - this is the first "trick". The hidden rests before and after the whole rest have different lengths, so that the whole rest is placed nicely above the eighth rest of the basses where you want it.

(There are a few things that differ from the original: missing double beams - two layered staves would help, or a Beam.hmm object; breve - I use the symbol from NWC's font; single eighth rests in last measure; no slurs; and probably a few more. Two layered staves for your center staff would also allow the lyrics jump up and down as in your image. But I hope these are not things you asked for).

However, there is a problem with the lyrics alignment, which should be left-aligned on the breve. The two attempts use different methods for this:
  • Attempt 1: I use "Align Syllable Using" --> "Start of Accidental/Note", so that the "Tremens ..." lyrics aligns correctly; but you might not want this for all the other lyrics.
  • Attempt 2: "Standard Rules" for syllable alignment; I put two semibreves (whole notes) with invisible head under the breve and assign the lyrics only to the second semibreve (i.e., the first one has property "Lyric Syllable" set to "Never"). This roughly places the lyrics correctly - adding a spacer between the two should allow for fine-tuned placement of the lyrics under the breve.

I hope that helps, or gives some ideas.


Re: Very long measure with speech

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H.M., did you forget something (like the score)?  :D

missing double beams - two layered staves would help
Possibly it's an overkill:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

Re: Very long measure with speech

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Many thanks, I will study your suggestions. Have a good evening.