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"Look, Bach Waiving that Big sword of his!"

Bout "The Technoabyssus": is that of a humorous five-eights character-ism
Neo-Bach constant configuration. A work that relied heavily in copy n paste &
the audit of barlines for a shortcut. This funny one for the Vaudeville
in audeo quality & the neo-manner of Bach. Video=I saw God &
Audio=I said goodbye Devil? dkb 9/28/2021 8:44:26 PM
I hope this one you find enjoyable & as i said for the lonely corner
of the Avant-Garde sum additions.

Bout " God-like Clockwork ":
I tried to reproduce exact arrangement excerpt from the old outer limits
series Bach interpretation of WTC Book 1 c minor & D major praeludiums just
like in the Outer Limits episode (season 1, episode 5) with some deviations
of mine like a 1st sequencs of the c moll an octave lower and measure 6
cubical instead Father sharp not natural and overall like a full non-stop
train as oppossed to how it is commonly performed & on youtube with the
usual diminuitions which i think are not better than this one because it
diminishes the awe contuinuity. Also at least for my setup this nwc file
used parameters of volume are better for superb effect of decibel dynamics
as a template. And,finally the D major one ends in d minor while being in
the key of D major which Bach never did even once but the composer from
the episode inverted implementation of the usual Picardi Treament used by
Bach often. -dkb 10/1/2021 11:09:49 AM P.S. “ I think it can be said that
The eventual superb normality of
Bach was so advanced that for him
It was mere standard virtuosity of
Metronomic & technical clockwork to us an Encyclopedic genius of immense
Autonomy.” -dkb, a musical journalist
In amateur proportions.

Bout " Diotone ":
Dio like Devil In Operation 666 dna acronym altered scale work to be 100% diatone,
but i can only dream of composing like Michael Nyman's certain one is pure diatonic
masterpiece for solo piano from the movie: " The Piano" which so miraculously
uneeds any accidental whatsoever yet sounds as good as any. There is a hidden
scale that can render any midi file to substancial proportions by i lost the scale
to render it with but it turns out it cancels some of the chromatones & yet it replaces
some the notes to others within that scale at the same time. -dkb

Bout " Neo Light Bachroque ":
This one like Bach but the harmonies were developmentally devised over a gradual
experience in the nu harmonic stylus.

Bout " Veniva da Paganini ":
This ix the 1st of a set notebook in an eccentric style. The inspiration came from the
movie " Kinski Paganini " in a pure abstract manner otherwise i would not have
aquired it from the infinite musicosm or finite the power of matematica omega.
I do not know the events de Facto regarding Paganini's infamous rumors but this
work/s is purely musical.

Bout " Rollerblading Euphoria ":
I was in a neighborhood once in the twilight of day & it's environmental askance was
that of a perfect evening euphoria with headphones portrayed in this nu work.
Kyrie ix 236++=K k-squared....