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" A Nonetal Contribution "

Bout " Hell dance....":
Hello everyone i hope everybody is safe & well.
About the 2:51 minute i call Orchestrion style to subs like trekordion or here a nonet.
This is a "Nonet in c minor" in the oldschool videogame style. Contrapuntally it carries
a total of replicated and non-replicated 9 staffs and i think can be said superficially
& technically, 43-part writting. 5 staffs are hidden for esthetic. The general formula
for this work is a 12-part contrast-articulated imitation work tripled variably in
instruments + a channel 10 consistent membranna ostinato with a duplex-articulate
alteration doubling of the voices & + finally a waltz-ideology-inspired 3rd ostinato
meant as a strange eclectic constant. The most complex parts are the 1st two staffs
which originally were a 12-part imitation work and like the baroque method to take
a simple idea & develop it in an uncanny fashion hidden from prying eyes LOL. I only
used copy & paste and Retrograde mainly. My point in this post is to enlarge posts on
the nwc avant-garde section and simply to expose the dissection of one method of
potential and perhaps someone with the necessary skill create a LUA file like not
just retrograde but also the contrapuntal invert and LUA files for the commom
baroque ornaments like the mordant,turn, & all rest used by the great Bach himself.
To me this work's title is similar to the videogame Castlavania:Harmony of Dissonance
or my favorite Castlevania:Symphony of the Night. I am not much into games but rather
the music of the professionals that created the scores  which tons of them were
derived from the Baroque & Bach's Style and works. The title merely depicts one
possible Hell &/or Quantum scenerio. 9/24/2021 12:22:22 PM D/D

Bout " And Quadratic Note Structures ":
This ix more like a giant conceptual etude. It contains progressions,  motifs, cells, compounds, etc.,
mostly hypothetical & official names of note-beamed name structures like the Alberti, etc.
Yet not all structures are included as it would be immense into a composition as here
illustrated. There is also some analysis data. I don't know which sf2 via the viewer is ideal
yet the instrument is piano & a good sf2 piano that does justice to the pedal is amply.
This is a bit like a medly & dedicated to the 94 keys of the imperial grand by total
number of measures. It also examplifies a would be program that would include tons of
preset quadratic & non-quadratic beam structures each one with a name for a notation
shortcut into other integrations or simply anyone to tag a name for them of their own
by any logical designation complex for example regarding tactical warfare as a species
of many to choose from, etc.
And here is a nwc wallpaper & concept of music's to the power of itself....
Kyrie ix 236++=K k-squared....