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Mike Gibson, OBE

It has just come to my notice that Mike Gibson, a prolific supplier of NoteWorthy music  and also a provider of rehearsal music for choirs, recently passed away.

Mike was a squadron Leader who rose to the Level of Air Vice-Marshal and became a Director in the Civil Aviation Authority where I first met and sang with him. (He became a choir master at the CAA for specific occasions and was an accomplished musician)

Some while ago, Mike decided, because of health reasons, to give up providing rehearsal music for choirs and at that point, passed all of his NoteWorthy music onto me (to add to the Scriptorium where I thought appropriate) and to John Hooper (for him to use the music to provide for choirs as John also does in the way that Mike did).

Thanks for all the music Mike !


Re: Mike Gibson, OBE

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Thanks for the update Rich.  I imagine you will pass on condolences from the community to his family for us?
I plays 'Bones, crumpets, coronets, floosgals 'n youfonymums - 'n I'm lernin' tubies now too

Re: Mike Gibson, OBE

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Offering my condolences as well
Francis Beaumier
Green Bay, WI

Re: Mike Gibson, OBE

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Mike was an experienced NWC User, much of his output being submitted to CPDL, for which he was both a contributor and an Editor -

Latterly his considerable work has been uploaded to the Scriptorium as well, with our Rich taking over and putting Mike's produce in the appropriate format for upload.  I myself have used with gratitude many of Mike's Files as the basis for my own NWC notations, subsequently uploaded in Midi format to my Website.

   We will miss him.

   MuisicJohn, 14/Mar/21