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I have used the MPC for short volume variances.  Now I want a particular instrument to gradually increase in volume (linear sweep) through 20 bars.

Do I need to insert the MPC in each bar, or is it possible to achieve the desired effect by inserting one MPC at the beginning?  If so, what would the settings look like?

Is there any other way that this effect can be achieved in NWC?


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Hi Vibe,
What you're describing is a crescendo

You can do it with a single linear sweep MPC, but unless it's a single note that is held for the full 20 bars you don't need to, instead use a cresc.

First, ensure there is an active dynamic at or prior to the start of the crescendo passage, AND there is a louder dynamic immediately at the end of the crescendo passage.  E.G. you might start with pp and finish with mf.  IF you don't want to see the dynamic markings, just make 'em not visible.

Then either:
a) press <Y>, Select the Dynamic Variance tab if it is not already active and then select Crescendo from the drop down box and click OK  (position and visibility to taste).  Instead of pressing <Y> you could also use the mouse and click |Insert|Dynamic Variance|
b) highlight all the notes in the section and press the Greater Less Than sign "<"

N.B. crescendos done in this fashion do not work during sustained notes, they work on the "attack" phase of the MIDI code.

There are other methodologies that work outside the defaults of NWC.  A great resource for understanding this functionality is Tina Billett's "Dynamics.pdf" in the Explanations section of the "Helpful Files" section of the Scripto:

There is also her MPC guide in the same place.
Direct links (if they work):

I don't know how old this document is, but Tina passed away over 11 years ago.

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What you're describing is a crescendo
Completely agree... but I think is important to understand the diference between volume and velocity.
In NWC crescendo (in fact, every dynamics) changes the velocity values (the force used to play a note) while Volume MPC changes the volume of a note (or track section). Usually more strength playing a note means more volume BUT it also means more intense playing (obviously, with a different sound of the instrument). Much VSTs or multi-sample instruments today use different samples for each velocity, so if you reduce the volume of a fortissimo you won't get the same results as using a pianissimo dynimic change...

Think about it  ;)

Keep enjoying music, friends!!  :))
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If the instrument is not percussion like a piano, this user tool can change volume and velocity on every note, allowing one note to crescendo, not just the next note will be louder. dynamic.js
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