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Is it possible to place a fermata above a note?

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It usually works OK for me if I just uncheck the Preserve Width box. The fermata isn't perfectly centered over the notehead, but it's close enough for my purposes right now. If you have accidentals in front of the note/chord, things look a little strange, but the fermata is still over the note/chord.

Can we expect a fix for this in the near future? (possibly implement fermatas in a similar manner to accents and staccatos?)


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Yes, this is possible. The fermata is located on the Tempo Variance item. You may have difficulty aligning it over a note in some circumstances, but you can, at least, get the graphic into your score, and have it influence playback as well (using the delay value).

I hope this helps.


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While we're touching on fermatas ... it would be nice if their attributes could be exported to a MIDI file just like everything else seems to be.

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This subject is covered in one of the other threads, but is covered here in asnwer to your post. Fermata (ie. a delay in the music not related to tempo) is not supported in the MIDI standard, so cannot be exported into a MIDI file. If you want a MIDI file to sound better, you should use 0 delay in the NWC fermata, and switch to tempo changes to simulate the fermata (tempo changes will export to MIDI). We have found that the absolute value setting in the multi-point controller can be an effective way to simulate a "fermata like" playback, even when exported to a MIDI file.