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Quote from: David Palmquist  -  2008-09-18 01:04 amStrange question for you, Nick, but I'm curious.  Why do you refer to a si... General Discussion Re: One leger line & ... 2008-09-18 09:20 am
Quote from: nickforster  -  2008-09-10 01:47 pm The fact that the single leger line doesn't come right to the bottom of the b... General Discussion Re: One leger line & ... 2008-09-17 06:52 am
Quote from: Carl Bangs  -  2008-09-10 08:02 amPercussion parts in score are usually standard, not orchestral. NWC handles thi... General Discussion Re: One leger line & ... 2008-09-10 01:47 pm
Hi,I have reduced a lower orchestral staff to one leger line, for a drum accompaniment. Unfortunately the line ends up slight... General Discussion One leger line & bott... 2008-09-09 04:20 pm
Hi,Belated thanks, David. I hit another little difficulty, probably rather obvious but which had me perplexed for a while. In... General Discussion Re: Underlne lyrics 2008-09-09 04:18 pm
Wotcher,Yes, the text entry route is easy. At first I thought it would be ok with just one entry left justified at the first ... General Discussion Re: Underlne lyrics 2008-08-28 11:25 am
Wotcher Lawrie and Peter,Many thanks for your help.Unfortunately, in this particular case I'm transcribing extracts from Roma... General Discussion Re: Underlne lyrics 2008-08-26 11:17 pm
Hi,I need to underline a few of the words and characters in a vocal line.I tried selecting the word in the lyrics editor and ... General Discussion Underlne lyrics 2008-08-26 08:04 am
Slurs can cross barlines.Sorry, with ordinary notes, yes. I was stupidly still thinking of grace notes whose slurs, like beam... General Discussion Re: Font with a 45 de... 2007-09-30 09:25 pm
In NWC2, I have used a pair of beamed headless, stemless grace eighth notes for this Your method, Rick, will work within a ba... General Discussion Re: Font with a 45 de... 2007-09-30 07:53 pm