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General Discussion / Re: HELP! - NWC File won't open
Thank you for your fast answer. I checked the settings and automatic saving was actually enabled, but the folder was empty. All I have is the .bak file.

In the meantime I tried opening my file with a HEX editor. It is completely blank. Hex00 from start to end. Same for the .bak file. Looks like there is nothing to be salvaged.

I feel like crying. Maybe I should write a song about it, har har...
General Discussion / HELP! - NWC File won't open
Hi all,

I just spend several days writing a SATB score. This morning my Windows system crashed and I had to force my laptop to reboot. Now my file won't open anymore. Same with the backup file.

I get no messages from NWC to help me analyze the problem. It just sits there and ignores my request to open the file.

Other files (also self-made) open without problems.

Any ideas how I can analyze and/or repair the file? Anyone? Please!!!
I'm really in deep s**t here. I don't even have a hardcopy of the score!

Desperate in Germany