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General Discussion / Custom Templates in NWC 1.75
Could somebody please tell me where Custom Templates for NWC 1.75 are hidden in Windows 10?
I would like to delete some templates that I no longer use.
General Discussion / MIDI exporting bug?
I first started using Noteworthy Composer in December 1998, and when version 2 came out, I switched to that and found it to be a big improvement as regards creating and printing scores.  It is also fine for creating regular Type 0 MIDI files that will be played through a General MIDI keyboard or the GS wave table synth of a computer sound card.
But for creating custom MIDI files to control our church’s pipe organ, version 2.75 does not behave like version 1.75.  In particular it does not correctly export the *.nwc file as a *.mid file, and to get round the problem I have found it necessary to continue using version 1.75.
Basically, the problem is this:
Controlling the registration (changing the stops) on the organ is achieved by means of program change messages on MIDI channel 16.
At the start of a piece, several stops need to be drawn, and several stops may be changed simultaneously at intervals during the piece.
To achieve this, I insert strings of program change messages at the appropriate places on the Noteworthy stave that is configured to MIDI channel 16.  The program change messages then toggle the corresponding organ stops at the appropriate points in the music.
In the case of Noteworthy 1.75, the strings of program changes are accurately exported to the final MIDI file, but in the case of version 2.75, only some of the program changes find their way into the MIDI file, resulting in rubbish registrations.
I have tried inserting short rests between the program changes, but this doesn’t really fix the problem and in any case it is not always practical.
Some considerable time ago, and again more recently I wrote to Noteworthy Support about this, but never received a reply, so I am raising the matter here in case any of you guys can offer any advice or perhaps simply confirm that it is a “bug”.