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General Discussion / Piano Key Touch Playback Settings
I have tried asking this earlier, and have tried every setting I can think of in NWC, but to no avail.  So, here I am trying again:

When writing for piano, I want to be able to adjust the touch in a way that affects the MIDI playback.  However, whatever I try, it only seem to affect the playback volume.  The key touch remains the same. I does not come out softer or harder.

Any suggestions? 
General Discussion / MPC
I have used the MPC for short volume variances.  Now I want a particular instrument to gradually increase in volume (linear sweep) through 20 bars.

Do I need to insert the MPC in each bar, or is it possible to achieve the desired effect by inserting one MPC at the beginning?  If so, what would the settings look like?

Is there any other way that this effect can be achieved in NWC?
General Discussion / Support???
What happened to support?

I have used this software since 2006 - and upgraded later, with v.2.75 as the latest. I have both the status key and the order ID. 

Recently, I had to do a clean install of Windows 10, with the result that I lost all previously installed software.

I have tried to contact sales and support by email (first time, on August 30) for information about download for reinstalling on the same computer, but have not received any response.

Anyone able to help?
General Discussion / Dynamic, Velocity, Expression etc.
I have spent a lot of time tweaking and searching for solutions, but to no avail, despite the fact related questions have been raised before.

I need to make the piano sound (a lot) softer.  However, the only noticeable effect, when using the Style and Velocity functions in Insert > Dynamic, or using the Expression function in MPC, is changes in volume. Nothing else!

Is there some “secret” procedure I need to know about to make it work :-), is there other ways to achieve a softer play, or is the problem that the MIDI synth I have does not support these features?

I’m using a Win 10 computer with GS Wavetable Synth and NWC 2.75a.2.
General Discussion / Soundfont - again
My question is simply:  How do I install/use one particular soundfont that does not seem to be available in any intrument tree I have found?

The single soundfont is 'Campbells_Wooden_Xylophone.sf2'.

I have NWC 2.75 and I am using a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 10 and Realtek High Definition Audio.