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Instrument Trees / itrees
I developed an itree in notepad. I gave it the file extension of .nwcitree and place it in the itree section of noteworthy where the sample, default, classic etc itrees are. When I start a new song, and choose my itree it comes up invalid and shows a blank square where the tree should be. I can see it in notepad, but how do I get it into the nwcitree or itree files?
General Discussion / renaming the staff labels
How do I rename a staff label. For example, the upper staff is automatically labeled 'piano' and I would like to change it to Guitar or something else. How do I do this.
Instrument Trees / I NEED HELP with yamaha xg tree
I must be a dummy. I see how everyone writes in with excellent knowledge and posts. I am embarrassed to say that I just don't know how to download (or add) an itree to my newly purchased NoteWorthy 2 program. I need really explicit instructions I guess. It sounds easy but I have tried for an hour and a half, with no success. Anyone, please HELP!
General Discussion / Music List
How can I print out a list of the music I have entered in NWC. Sometime I forget what's in the list and copy the same song.
General Discussion / Changing Instrumentation
Is it possible to change the instrument in the same staff? I.E. I am starting with a piano, but would like to change to guitar in the 10th bar. Is this possible without adding a new staff?
General Discussion / beaming by four not by pairs
When using the "automatic beam", my eighth notes are paired off. I want the notes beamed by fours (or sometimes by three). How can I get this type of beaming correct (without manually beaming them)?