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Topics - Bruce Minnick

Here's the situation.  I have a master repeat section consisting of a chorus with two lyric lines and one special ending within a master repeat section. After the first special ending, but before the repeat, I need to insert a double bar to indicate the section divisions. (Going from a chorus to a verse.) The master repeat close then takes me back to the start of the chorus and then jumps to special ending two (Which occurs immediately after the master repeat close.) at the appropriate place within the chorus.  The problem is that the special ending and repeat function will not function correctly with the double bar inserted at the appropriate place after special ending one but before the master repeat close.  The only way I was able to get the structure to operate properly was to remove the double bar at the start of the verse and replace it with a single bar.  It seems that I should be able to indicate sections (double bar) within this structure as I desire however, I am forced to use a single bar line between the musical sections.  Is there some work around that I haven't been able to discover?
Is there any way to vary the ratio of a notes on/off playback timing?  Staccato notes sound good, however, the on/off timing of regular notes seems to be such that the notes, during playback, sound rather percussive even if a non percussive instrument is used for playback.  I like the 'smooth' playback sound when a tie is placed over the entire staff.  This, of course, plays havoc with any lyric that is associated with the staff.  Obviously note 'off' timing is changed to zero when a tie is used between a couple of notes or an entire series of notes.  What I am looking for is something more closely approaching the 'smooth' sound of a tie but still having the notes play as a distinct entities but with not quite as much 'off' time between the notes. This would result in a 'smoother' or more continuous playback sound.  Any suggestions?
What is needed to change the lyric font characteristics on a word by word basis rather than globally?  Gee it looks as if I can do it in this post but not in the lyric line.