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My first plugin, and done with a very rusty Lua. Anyway, surprisingly ;-), here is it and seems doing what I needed.

This plugin allows access to the MIDI controllers (MPC) NWC doesn't handle natively. I still wonder why.
The controller values are always assumed as absolute values (no sweep allowed).

Some controllers are simply on/off switch like the well known "pedal up"/"pedal down". Indeed, "pedal" is itself exactly a controller, simply handled natively by NWC.
The switch controllers available are 'Portamento', 'Sostenuto', 'Soft', 'Legato' and 'Hold'. In these cases any value below 64 means off, above or equal 64 means on.

Since I found annoying this plugin text taking a lot of space, I added a parameter equivalent to the well known "preserve width" that's unchecked by default.
I'd have found useful to have also the text hidden by default, but I was unable to do so.

N.B. I took for myself the NWC plugin ID "fl". I hope none has anything to object. But since it's not "official" I can't attach the bare file, I had to zip it.


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Now that the plugin ID "fl" is assigned to you, you should replace the zipped file with the unzipped file on the top message of this thread. That way the "Manage objects" command in NWC will be able to update peoples' systems when you release updates to the object.

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Thanks, Mike.

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A clip to get a new user started:

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]