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nwc2musicxml bug

Those using Lasconic's nwc2musicxml website to convert files with odd time signatures should be aware of a small bug:  when creating whole-measure rests, the converter apparently stops counting beats at 8. I recently ran a score with multiple tempo changes through it: the site did fine with 5/8 and 7/8, but all the 9/8 measures ended up minus the final 8th note. Analysis found that all the whole-measure rests in the empty voices in those measures were actually whole-NOTE rests. The kludge is simple - split the rests for any measures longer than a whole note before running your music through the converter.

I've found no other significant problems with the converter, which is quick, easy to use, and otherwise very well done. Kudos to Lasconic for creating and maintaining the website, and to Robin Walker of the Sibelius users Facebook page for spotting the reason for the missing beats.