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Sound Font Banks
Is it possible to purchase 3rd party sound fonts or even entire banks of sound fonts and be able to access them from inside NWC2?  And if so, does anybody have suggestions for reasonably priced vendors of same?  Also, I've lost my keyboard midi-input on the bottom of the screen and can't find how to get it back.

Re: Sound Font Banks
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While there are certainly commercial soundfonts available, there are quite good ones available free, like the Fluid_R3GM.  Lots of others, just use Google.  For what it's worth the commercial world is turning away from GM soundfonts in favour of VST and VSTi's.

NWC2.x can't manage soundfonts internally as it does not have a built in synth, BUT the current player does have this facility.  As far as the editor is concerned, to manage soundfonts for now you will need to use a synth that supports soundfonts.  This can be a hardware (sound card that supports soundfonts) OR a softsynth solution.

Based on a post from NWC about a year ago it seems that when NWC reaches V3 that internal synth support will be introduced:

For now, this guide by Rich Nagle is very useful:

Also check out the scripto helpful files section:

As for the keyboard at the bottom of the screen, click <View> <toolbars> and make sure that "Piano Bar" is checked.
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Re: Sound Font Banks
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Thank you sir.