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Chord Splitting Plugin? :D

Hello!  First of all, let me just say that I'm grateful for the fast and effective solutions you guys offered me last time with my clef question!

I was wondering if someone could recommend a good tool for splitting chords into individual notes (preferably on their own staffs).  Thanks again in advance!


Re: Chord Splitting Plugin? :D

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Andrew Purdam's  parts tool will do that for you.

I would advise a little practice before using it for real.  What you do is to copy the staff to and empty staff, the run the tool, setting up the parameters.  So . to split a staff into Soprano and Alto for example, copy the staff. On the top staff, run the tool and select prompt 1 as "Remove", prompt 2 as  "Bottom",  remove prompt 3 so that it allows single notes.

Having done that, repeat the procedure on the second staff and change the parameters as appropriate.

Parts is included in the user tool download use kit :


Re: Chord Splitting Plugin? :D

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My setup for this very important tool is as follows: For each useful combination of parameters, I have a separate line in the nwc2UserTools.ini file, as follows (the HMM is just the section for my convenience tools):

Code: [Select · Download]
1 Remove Top NoSingle=2,php\php.exe scripts\adp_Parts.php remove top nosingle
2 Remove Top=2,php\php.exe scripts\adp_Parts.php remove top
3 Retain Top=2,php\php.exe scripts\adp_Parts.php retain top
4 Retain Bottom=2,php\php.exe scripts\adp_Parts.php retain bottom
5 Remove Bottom=2,php\php.exe scripts\adp_Parts.php remove bottom
6 Remove Bottom NoSingle=2,php\php.exe scripts\adp_Parts.php remove bottom nosingle

When composing, this looks as follows:

<Image Link>

  • The top staff shows a segment newly composed in "chord notation"
  • The three staffs below were created from it, by first copying in the upper staff (or a piece of it), then selecting (highlighting) some segment, and then execute suitable user tools; e.g. for the middle staff "Remove Top" and "Retain Top" (or "Remove Bottom")
I have written huge scores (25 staffs; and some 100s of measures) with this method.

Good luck!

P.S. Editing nwc2UserTools.ini requires Windows admin rights, otherwise you see/edit a local copy of the file, and NWC does not see the added tools. I have been stung by this a few times ...

P.P.S. Ahem ... the image is a little bit of a fake; and so the voices do not correspond perfectly. But you get the idea, I hope ...