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Arpeggiated Chords and inserting images
Hi there,
much of the discussion about how to get around not having arpeggiated chords is how to make them sound. However, I could live without hearing them.  What I want is to be able to show them on the staff.

Would it be possible to have an "insert image" command?  or "insert gif"  Then I could draw my wiggly line, save it as a gif, and place it where I want it. 

Re: Arpeggiated Chords and inserting images
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Why don't you just use Mike Shawaluk's  user object.

As well as drawing the wiggly line for you, it also sounds the arpeggio. (You should mute the chord for good results)

It will also draw a wiggly line across a grand staff but you would need to employ a few tricks to get it to sound across both staves of a grand staff.