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Slimming spacers
Spacers can be inserted and enargened using the "insert" key but, as far as I know, there is not a fast way to "slim" them down.
You have to access the property tab, select a new spacer width, then close the tab and check if you guessed the right amount.
If the result is not what you like, you have to repeat the operation again and again...

Yes, ok, you can remove it and then insert and increase it until you're stasfied, but this looks like a chemical titration...
If you ever did it you know what I mean!

I suggest to add the keyboard shortcuts '+' to enlarge and '-' to trim it.
Of course only when the spacer is selected!

Re: Slimming spacers
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far as I know, there is not a fast way to "slim" them down.
Try: Ctrl+Shift+Dn
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Re: Slimming spacers
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Thanks, Rick, I overlooked it.

But, I must say, the help is not very clear:
Common Shortcuts While Editing Existing Selected Notation
The following keys are available when notation has been selected:
Shift+Ctrl+Down Shifts the selection downward on the staff
Shift+Ctrl+Up Shifts the selection upward on the staff

N.B. I use those key combination very often for the notes but I didn't expect them to work that way on spacers.