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Q re MIDI import
Sometimes, I want/have to import MIDIs that play "everything" (a choir arrangement; or a piano piece) on a single channel. Usually, there are of course overlapping notes in the different voices in such pieces, which NWC cannot import with correct length - it cuts off some notes (see attached example MIDI and import). I would be happy with a quite crude import which would place notes on quite a few staffs with simple heuristics - I would have to copy around snippets between staffs afterwards, of course, but at least the input would be correct. I even thought about writing a (more or less) simple tool reading in MIDI and producing nwctxt ... but before I do that, I try to summarize my question as follows:

Is there some facility for importing MIDI which
  • guarantees to keep the note lengths as in the original MIDI and
  • puts the notes into staffs "somewhat reasonably" (so that one can copy "longer" stretches of notes and move them around in after-editing)?

Harald M.