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NWC Viewer Version 2.5.6a Now Available
Version 2.5.6a of the NWC Viewer is now generally available.

This new version includes the ability to mute select individual staffs in your nwc files. Simply press 'm' on your keyboard to open the Tools, Mute List window.

It can be downloaded from here: NoteWorthy Composer Viewer
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Re: NWC Viewer Version 2.5.6a Now Available
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This release has been updated to version 2.5.6a to correct a bug in the Mute List tool. The Viewer's Mute List can only be used to mute parts that normally would be played. The tool cannot be used to reverse a mute instruction assigned by the original author of the file.

When parts are muted, the file title in the Viewer has an asterisk in front of its name. This is intended to give a visual hint that the Mute List tool has been applied to the file.

Re: NWC Viewer Version 2.5.6a Now Available
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Currently, android tab computer is very wide in use.
Is it possible or is there any plan to develove the NoteWorthy Composer Viewer for android?