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Stem Direction
I've spent the better part of an hour, without success, searching for the answer to this question.  I've run out of patience.  If this question has been answered before, please forgive my lack of search skills or lack of persistance...or both.

Generally, the rules that NWC uses to determine default stem direction are very satisfactory.  Occasionally, for various reasons, I need to override NWC and select the opposite stem direction.  I click on the desired stem direction button and enter or edit the note(s). My question is:  How do I make NWC go back to doing the thinking in this regard?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Stem Direction
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Assuming that you have one of the toolbars configured to show the stem up and stem down buttons, click on one of the directions until neither button is depressed.

When neither button is depressed then nwc will revert to its default action in this respect.