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Bug in Stem Up/Stem down???

Version 1.31d had a stem up selector button AND a stem down
selector button. A user could pre-select a stem direction
before entering a note. Version 1.31d could also select the
proper stem direction by default with the stems down on
notes below B and stems up on B (3rd ledger line) and above
on the treble clef. The same action holds true on the bass
clef with stems going down on D(3rd ledger line) and up on
C or lower.

A User could edit and change stem direction by clicking
on either of the stem direction buttons depending on the
change being made. Another way to change stem direction was

I have found that Version 1.5 has only ONE stem direction
select button showing the stem direction always UP. I have
found that if a note is entered as an A in the 2d space that
NWC defaults the stem direction to up. Using the stem
direction button shown (up only) will not change the stem
direction (nor should it if it is only an up-stem button).
Using the Shift/UP ARROW and the Shift/DOWN ARROW will
change the stem direction.

However any note entered as a B (3rd ledger line)or above
can have its stem direction changed by clicking on the stem
direction button (stem up) or using the Shift/UP ARROW and
the shift/DOWN ARROW.

To pull all this together for what I think is a bug? or just
something that needs to be corrected in Beta 1.5 are the
following observations.

1. Stem direction for a note cannot be preselected in Beta
1.5 as in version 1.31d.

2. Default stem direction for A and below cannot be
selectively changed with the (ONLY) stem direction
button in 1.5. It can only be selectively changed with
the Shift/UP ARROW and Shift/DOWN ARROW.

3. Default stem direction for B and above can be selectively
changed by EITHER the only stem (up) direction button or
the Shift/UP ARROW and Shift/ DOWN ARROW.

4. It would be confusing to users (until they always
remember) what commands to use to edit and change
stem direction depending on where the note lies on the

5. I think we need BOTH an up and down stem direction
button which indicated the preselected stem direction
and can be used to selectively change stem direction.
It gets very confusing if entering a lot of split note

I think I have accurately identified what I think is a problem
in 1.5. There are strange things going on regarding stem
direction, pre-selection, and NWC default direction.



Re: Bug in Stem Up/Stem down???

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Don, there IS a stem down button but it's behind the right edge of the screen...Try to drag the Styles toolbar to another position or change your monitor resolution from 640x480 to higher.

Re: Bug in Stem Up/Stem down???

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Thanks Pavel

I DID MISS SOMETHING. No one should have to change their
display resolution for just this one program. I handled the
problem by redocking the tool bars. Not satisfied with the
new layout of tool bars since I lose music editing space. I
guess I can get used to it. I still prefer all tool bars
lined up in two rows at the top of the editing window.

Again I say why should anyone have to change monitor
resolution? Did'nt have to do that for 1.31d.

Any comments from other users?

Can the tool bar icons be made smaller to accomodate the
down stem icon and the other icon?

Re: Bug in Stem Up/Stem down???

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If, during the beta installation, you specify that you are using another copy of NWC, and want its settings to be preserved, the toolbar docking of the new beta will compete with the older copy settings. If you let the 1.5 installer reset your system configuration, the toolbars will redock and show everything. Version 1.5 includes new tools making the old two line display impossible in standard VGA resolution. We are working on a toolbar user customization technique, but for now (in the beta preview 1) you must live with the way they are formatted.

Re: Bug in Stem Up/Stem down???

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Thanks for the explanation by NWC support. I'm sure the
problem will be corrected in the final copy. I am looking
forward to the final 1.5 version. Upgrades have been super.
Keep it up.


Re: Bug in Stem Up/Stem down???

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Beta preview 2 addresses this issue. The toolbars can now be customized, thus you can alter them to fit whatever screen/window size is easiest for you.