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Combining rests and notes

I am trying to write a piano left-hand part which has a "lower" part in crotchets/quavers and an "upper" part in demi-semi-quavers. I want to insert a quaver rest in the "lower" part directly below a note in the "upper" part.

I can insert a quaver note, ie make a chord, but I can't figure out how to add in the rest.

Any suggestions?


Re: Combining rests and notes

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The only way to combine notes and rests is to enter the rest first and then combine the note using the control-enter combination. Note also that whilst rests don't show whether they are stem up or stem down, NWC still interprets them with that quality. SO if you have trouble combining a note with a rest, it may be that you need to "flip" your rest. If I want a note to be above the rest, but still fairly low in a stave, I've found that sometimes it helps to enter the note way above, and then transpose that note down using Ctrl-Shift-Down.

Hope this helps.



Re: Combining rests and notes

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What I want to do is not currently supported (ie, combining a rest with a note of shorter duration)

I have submitted a request to the wish list.