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More voices on one staff

How may i write with NWC two or more voices on the same staff? It would be useful for writing fugues played with the piano, for instance.

Re: More voices on one staff

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This question is answered (and asked!) in Common Questions (Q3) on this website.

In a nutshell, to add more than one voice to a staff, use Ctrl-Enter. To delete a voice from a chord, use Ctrl-Delete.

Note that you can add notes of different lengths to a chord, but there are some restrictions. These are discussed in the online help which came with Noteworthy Composer, assuming you have a fairly recent version. Search for help on "Chord". This would have answered your initial query, too :-).



Re: More voices on one staff

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I think the initial message may refer to something more complex than simply using ctrl-enter to add notes. I have also tried to write 4-part contrapuntal music on 2 staves, and it is quite difficult, due to the "restrictions" referred to in the first response. (Examples sent upon request). My question, more for the program developers, is whether these restrictions will be removed in future versions.