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Too much swing!

In a score for (jazz) orchestra I'm working on, I put four hi-hat beats before the start to get the tempo.
All was fine with my computer and his synth.
With my great surprise, when I connected an external keyboard via an USB-MIDI converter the third beat, and only that, was syncopated!
I checked a rechecked everything with no avail.

My hypothesys is that it's a case of MIDI overload. Too many MIDI messages.
Indeed, removing some instruments all becomes regular.
Sic!  :o

Re: Too much swing!

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Maybe the USB-MIDI converter is a bottleneck?
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Re: Too much swing!

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Possible, in special mode if for some reason (like a glitch in my old computer) the connection is in USB 1 mode.
Sometimes my computer says, with a USB memory stick, "the device could operate faster if"... (I don't remember the suggestion) even if the socket is always the same.