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sluring Soprano note to Alto Note

Hello, what is the purpose of the sluring the Soprano note to Alto note like here in the attachment. Actually it has already had 4 beats in the soprano in the measure. When we spilt this staff , it will usually has a problem. Anyway what is the purpose when we split the staves, in the third promt it says nosingle. Does it have any relation to this kind of Notes like in the picture?

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Re: sluring Soprano note to Alto Note

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That just looks like a mistake to me. That slur goes from a dotted quarter note to a quarter note that begins before the first one ends. I would assume the slur was really meant connect the dotted quarter to the eighth note following in the soprano line each time.

Re: sluring Soprano note to Alto Note

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cvb is almost right.
I'm pretty sure the slur belongs entirely to the Alto voice and actually has nothing to do with the Soprano voice.
The way chords are done in NWC can result in slurs being attached to the "wrong" part of a split stem chord, although, when I try to replicate this I have to force the slur "upward" as it attaches to the crotchet.
Please note that I'm using the 2.8 beta 1 version of NWC and the behaviour of your version may be different.
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Re: sluring Soprano note to Alto Note

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I mentioned this in an earlier thread, but the music in question (Angels We Have Heard On High) does not need a slur in those positions. A slur is only needed in music when a syllable is sung over multiple notes. For this musical snippet, there is one note per syllable for the soprano and alto parts (although they are sung at a slightly different cadence).  So, my solution to this problem would be to remove the slurs.

Of course, I would be wrong if the song has been translated to a different language, where the syllable counts are different.