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The 'Digital Piano' in port failed
Why does this happen?  I just got a new Roland keyboard and I get this message every time. The 'Digital Piano' in port failed. I had a Yamaha and it would work only after I did all this clicking: "Tools" - "Play" - "MIDI input active" Then I'd get "MIDI input device is failing to open. Would you like to go to the Record options to investigate?"  The I'd click "Yes".  On my Yamaha, under ECHO to MIDI Channel", I would change "Use original channel" to "Channel 1" and my Yamaha would finally allow me to play in notes.  But now when I do all that with my new Roland, it says at the bottom "Alert #14, The 'Digital Piano' in port failed."  Can anybody tell me what to do?  Frustrated! lol


Re: The 'Digital Piano' in port failed
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Hm. I think we all know of such problems, and that, after some poking around, they vanish "somehow" (and reappear). Here is an older (2016) and brutal advice by Microsoft: