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Title: smf-ice.vbs - Utility to show initial MIDI controller events
Post by: Rick G. on 2009-05-14 09:08 pm
When NoteWorthy imports a MIDI file, it ignores many events in the file. This may result in NWC playback that is quite different than the MIDI file. smf-ice.vbs is an attempt to correct some of this.

smf-ice.vbs reads a Standard MIDI File (smf) and creates a nwctxt file containing the Initial Controller Events (ice) for controllers that NWC2 supports and launches the nwctxt file. It will overwrite/append any existing nwctxt file. It makes no attempt to delete the nwctxt file it creates.

To use it:

If there are any qualifying events in the MIDI file, this should launch NWC2 and display them. The MIDI channel is displayed on the left. Volume and Stereo pan, if found, are also added to the Score Review ( display. This allows a for quick overview.

If you have already imported the MIDI file into NWC2, you can export it as 'NWC Text File' to the same folder as the MIDI file. Running smf-ice.vbs will then append staves with added controller objects to your nwctxt file. This is a quick way to hear the impact of the added events.

Some objects may appear in red. These are events that occur after the beginning of the track but before the first note in the track. These may not be correct as other tracks using the same MIDI channel may have notes sounding prior to these controller events.

Technical Notes

*if enabled by the MIDI Import Wizard [quote author=nwc2.hlp->IDH_DLGIMPORT3]When opening a MIDI file, the program can convert sustain pedal events directly into standard music notation. This option enables this conversion. In many cases, it is desirable to disable the automatic inclusion of this data, since it can detract from the overall visual quality of the final score. [/quote]
Title: Re: smf-ice.vbs - Utility to show initial MIDI controller events
Post by: Rick G. on 2009-05-16 10:01 am
The attached graphic shows a typical display.
This is from canyon.mid which should be in your Windows\Media folder.

Staff thru Staff-7 is from NWC2's MIDI import and shows the initial instrument patches. Only Staff-7 is shown in the picture.

Staff-8 thru Staff-14 are generated and added by smf-ice.vbs
Note that all the initial volumes are incorporated into Score Review, but Pan is reflected only in Chnl 2. This is the only channel where 'Stereo Pan' occurs at the beginning of the track.

canyon.mid is fairly simple. Each channel has its own track so you can be certain that all the MPC's are valid. In a more complex MIDI, MPC's shown in red might need to be deferred to later in the song.

The song sounds much better with the added MPC's