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Any plans to make this available for Chrome OS?
I'm trying to decide whether to go with a PC or a Chromebook. One factor is that I like my NWC. Any plans to get it up to speed for Chrome's operating system? I'm not crazy about translating NWC to one of the online apps. First you have to convert to MIDI and the translation is less than perfect.

Re: Any plans to make this available for Chrome OS?
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It is unlikely, apart from releases in the very near future, that we would ever be told the future plans for Noteworthy. My guess would be probably not.  However, if you do decide to go with a Chrome OS, then one option for you may well be :

Codeweavers "Crossover"

This runs on Chrome OS (as well as other OSs) and according to their compatibility list, NoteWorthy Composer and NoteWorthy Viewer will run under their crossover system.

Although can't confirm that it works with the Chrome OS, I do know that it works well with the MAC and so I would have no reason to doubt their claim for Chrome.


Re: Any plans to make this available for Chrome OS?
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As luck would have it, we happened to have a couple of demo Chromebooks from Dell at work, so I decided to give Crossover a spin. I needed to get up to speed on the latest in Chromebook land anyway.

Getting NoteWorthy Composer up and running in Crossover was pretty slick. I just had to select it from the catalog and click through the installation process. There doesn't seem to be MIDI support, but I was able to use a sound font with the viewer. I didn't want to do too much experimentation on the clock, so I didn't try to get a soft synth working with NWC. However, Chromebooks aren't particularly good at sound, and the sound font playback stuttered quite a bit.

I also noticed that Chromebooks can run Linux now, too. They always could, but it used to require turning off some of the security. Now there's a Google-sanctioned way of running it. So it should be possible to install Wine and Timidity in the Linux environment (see here: ).

Both of these options require Intel Chromebooks. The Crossover route requires a Chromebook that supports Android apps ( ). Both of these options also require a substantial amount of storage space, so if you do go the Chromebook route, I'd recommend getting more than the base 16GB of storage.

I hope that helps!
Francis Beaumier
Green Bay, WI