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measures notation
I am looking for a way to create a measure notation, for which I do not know the right name. So I'll try to describe it.
After de clef and the key signature I see one digit (superscripted) and one music note (subscripted; stem down).
What is the name of such a measure notation and how do I have to create it?

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Re: measures notation
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Hi Guido,

What you are describing does not ring any bells for me - could you share a sheet music sample that contains it?  What you are describing sounds like it should be able to be created using the available fonts, but I want to see it so I can be sure.


Re: measures notation
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Re: measures notation
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<Image Link>
My attempt:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
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Re: measures notation
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Rick, thanks for your help!
For now, I am using your creation!

Kind regards,