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Layering set, still will not layer adjacent staves

I am designing a score, and wish to layer two adjacent staves, but still my version will not layer the two adjacent staves. What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Layering set, still will not layer adjacent staves

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Layering needs to be permitted in one place, and assigned in another...

On Page Setup|Contents (tab)|Allow Layering (checkbox)
On the staff to be layered: Staff Properties|Visual (tab)|Layer with next staff (checkbox)

Between them these allow layering and then define the staves to be layered.  Layering always works top down, so if you allow layering on a staff, when layering is active it will layer with the staff below it.

NOW, to actually SEE the layering in effect you need to do one of the following:
  • Print Preview (this will show how it looks on the printed page)
  • Viewer Mode <F11, OR |View|Viewer Mode, OR click the glasses with the yellow lenses button> (this will show you how the screen will look when using the NWC viewer)
  • Allow Layering In Edit Mode <|View|Layering In Edit Mode| OR click the toolbar button for layering in edit mode - has three lines, two with arrow heads pointing to the centre one which is offset> (this will allow layering in edit mode with the active staff still highlighted so you can actually edit like this and see the results while you're editing - not always useful as it is easy to confuse things, but once you're used to it it can be very helpful - I rarely use it while actually editing, but often when I want to quickly see how it looks.)

Personally, I usually edit with the Viewer Mode and Allow Layering In Edit Mode toggled off, as I find it much easier to edit a staff without extraneous junk in the way.  I toggle one or the other on to check things, then back off again to continue editing. YMMV

The definitive view (if there is such a thing) is Print Preview as this will most closely show how it will appear on paper.
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