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Continuous Flow when Playing?
Hi All

I'm new to this forum and this may have already been dealt with - but . . .
Can anyone tell me how to get the music to play continually from one staff into the others?
Presently I have to compose the whole score on one staff.



Re: Continuous Flow when Playing?
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Noteworthy has endless staffs - so you actually DO write single-voiced music music in a single endless staff.
Multiple staffs are only used for multiple voices or multiple instruments that sing or play together.

This is different from many other score editors which make you believe that staff breaks (and score pages) are important - they are not. In Noteworthy, you think along an "endless timeline" (but of course, you can have repeat marks and "segnos" to jump to earlier points along the staff).

The staffs will be "broken into staff lines" only for printing. Usually, Noteworthy does this on its own - you can control it a little bit with the "Force System Break" property on bar lines.
//Edit: If you want to see what the printout looks like, you can go to "File->Print Preview" (on the keyboard: Alt-F V).

You also might want to download a huge score from the Noteworthy Scriptorium - e.g. a piano concerto by Mozart - to see how such a monster is written on parallel very long staffs, one per instrument.

I hope that answers your question - but feel free to ask more if not!


Re: Continuous Flow when Playing?
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Thanks H.M.

Truly appreciated.
I can press on with peace of mind