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layout song
Regular I create music files with one staff, four lines on a page (which I print onto a GIF to paste it into Powerpoint). The page is 21 x 14,85 cm and stretched in Powerpoint (see attached example and Powerpoint file in NWC forum

Today I am creating a song with two staves, two systems (of each 2 staves) on a page and repeating pages. On some pages staves are hidden
I would like to get the same layout (distance between the staves/systems) as I have in above example. What did I wrong?

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Re: layout song
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I think the reason is the following: Your upper staff has Upper/Lower Boundary = 12/11, whereas the lower staff has 10/18. That means that the upper staff will have a height of 23, the lower of 28, so the verses with the lower are spaced wider (in the example for the Powerpoint, the staff has 14/14, i.e., a height of 28, so the layout looks the same as the lower staff in the two-staff example).

Solution ideas:
Use 12/16 for the upper staff, and set the lyrics offset to 0 (it is currently -5). However, this has the consequence that the pages with both staffs will place the staffs wider from each other. To repair this, put a "Boundary" object with Upper/Lower = 1/14 in measure 37, and a Boundary object with "Reset" in measure 64 - then the result should be about what you want.