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Changing the Font Size
If you try to change the font size of, say, the lyrics you can only enter whole numbers, but if NW scales the sizes after a staff metric change then they appear as decimal figures. Can the input be changed to allow decimal figures anyway?

And getting rid of the decimal is tricky. You can't change 9.67 to 9 or 10 by clicking on those values. You have to click on some other number, close the font window, then reopen it and change the size to the required value. Somewhat tedious.

Re: Changing the Font Size
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... yes, this is one of the weirdest features of NWC.

A simple way to end up with font size ##.# (you dont need more than one decimal place, I assume) is: Say your "Staff Metrics" should be $$. Now, set it to $$0 (i.e., tenfold size; works up to 200), and set the respective font size to ### (without decimal point). Then, reduce the "Staff Metrics" to $$; the respective font size will then be ##.#.

Yet, strange.


Re: Changing the Font Size
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I seem to recall some discussion (perhaps in one of the "back stage" forums) about this. The "Modify..." button opens a standard Windows font selector dialog, which only allows whole numbers to be entered/chosen for the point size. But as others have noted, NWC will now store (and use) a fractional point size. But the only way to enter them for now is using the method @hmmueller describes.

Perhaps a future NWC version will include a custom font dialog that allows fractional point sizes to be entered.

Re: Changing the Font Size
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There is not much to be gained with fractional font sizes:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Open (hidden)
IMO, this approach is better:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Open (hidden)
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Re: Changing the Font Size
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I was thinking along the same lines as Rick. What seems more useful to me isn't fractional font sizes, but percentage scaling, as we already have for text objects. That should be a relatively easy addition to the dialog box for lyric configuration. Perhaps we'll see it during this beta cycle.