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In the spirit of GuitarChord and Ukulele, there is now a Banjo object for creating chord charts for that instrument. It is basically a simplied version of the GuitarChord object, with playback and associated parameters removed. It currently has 96 predefined chords for G-tuned 4 string banjos. I may add support for 5-string banjo chords, as well as C-tuned predefined chords, if there is demand for that.

Refer to the built-in help file for more information on the parameters.

Here are a few sample chords to get you started:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|User||Pos:5|Name:C|Finger:"2:2 o 1:1 2:3"|Size:2.5
|User||Pos:5|Name:Eb7|Finger:"1 3 2 5"|Frets:5|Size:2.5
|User||Pos:5|Name:Bdim|Finger:"3 4 3 3"|Barre:1:4|TopFret:3|Size:2.5