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Placement issues

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but something is up with verse 3. Is there a hidden space somewhere?

Is there a better way to achieve verse numbering? I've used the number/underscore/first word of verse method for a long time.

Edit: I guess I need to insert a screenshot! That would show the issues. Basically, the third verse number does not line up with the others and I can't see anything that is stopping it.


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Re: Placement issues

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On your configuration tab for lyrics, change the "Align syllable using" from Standard Rules to "Start of Accidental / Note"
That will line them up.


Re: Placement issues

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Thank you!  :-[

Re: Placement issues

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I would strongly encourage using for verse numbers. I know I am biased because I created it, but I think if you try it, you will like it and not want to do things the old way anymore.

Howevere, if you really prefer to do verse numbers embedded in the lyrics, I would suggest a slightly different method: add a hidden grace rest where you want the number to appear, setting its lyric property to "Always" and then insert the "1." or whatever as a separate syllable in your lyrics (no underscore needed).

Re: Placement issues

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try and see what is easiest.