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which template has been used?
I have a lot of NWC files and I want to make them using the same template.
The right template has a description which I can see when I hit Ctrl-I (copyright Notice 2).

Now I want to have a list of all NWC files and which template is used. How can I make this list?

Guido van Harten

Re: which template has been used?
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I don't think that can be done accurately. A NWC template is just a starting file from which you make additions and changes to build a score. I don't think that the template name is recorded anywhere in the resulting score.  You might be able to infer the template, if you included some setting or information in the score comments and did not subsequently change it.

Re: which template has been used?
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Going forward, you might add the info you want to the Comments textarea of your templates.
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Re: which template has been used?
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I think the OP is asking if there is a way to search his files for specific text in Copyright Notice 2. Wouldn't that go into any score based on that template, unless changed?

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Re: which template has been used?
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If you were meticulous in the past and all your scores have the target information in the "SongInfo" field (which is shown by CTRL-I), then you can create a list for all NWC-files (in the current folder) with the following command line in a cmd-box.

Code: [Select · Download]
FOR %I in (*.nwc) DO ( echo %I : & "C:\Program Files (x86)\Noteworthy Software\NoteWorthy Composer 2\nwc-conv.exe" "%I" NWCTXT  | findstr SongInfo ) >> c:\temp\SongInfo.txt

You can, of course, replace "SongInfo" with your own description. Be aware that the text is case sensitive, and blanks can be nasty.


Re: which template has been used?
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Not every problem needs a technical solution.  Why not just save each template to a new file name?  IE,
  • WoodwindChoirTemplate1.NWC
  • WoodwindChoirTemplate2.NWC
  • BrassQuintetTemplate.NWC
When using any of your templates, just be sure to save it to a new file name immediately after opening so you don't overwrite the template file.

It also seems fairly easy to use a file name to show which template was used.  Just embed the template name or an abbreviated version of it into the file name when saving the composition:
  • WCT2-MaryHadALittleLamb.nwc
  • MaryHadALittleLamb (WCTemplate2).nwc

Of course you could save each type of file to a new folder instead...