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Global_mod for text size and alignment change ?
Hi, newbie here with automation question. 
I would like to make global changes, such that all lyrics in multiple staves are aligned according to standard rules (instead of start of note), and also change the lyric font size from 10pt to 12 pt.

Can file tools>global_mod be used for this to create a user tool or tools in order to cut down on keystrokes when working with multiple files?

Actually, it would be great to be able to run a batch tool on a folder's-worth of nwc files to modify certain properties and make every composition more consistent.  Barring that, a "macro" of sorts would be of immense help if I have to modify each file one aat a time.

Case examples are a lot of help, but I'm not seeing what I'm searching for.... although it could be under my nose.

Re: Global_mod for text size and alignment change ?
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Global_mod cannot modify the Lyric object. That function is disabled:
Code: (php) [Select · Download]
	if (preg_match('/^\|(AddStaff|Lyric)/',$item)) {
// Structural objects are skipped
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