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Latency Adjuster

After changing to a laptop (without separate soundcard), had to spend a lot of time trying to reduce latency issues. Found both an adhoc approach using a tempo track missing an initial eighth note, and also through a hardware approach (using Coolsynth, a Mbox 3, and for good measure Reason Essentials). See prior posts.

However, is it possible for Noteworthy Composer to add a latency compensation feature such as that in Finale? Make life a lot simpler. Having said that, must say that Noteworthy is by far a much better program for entry and editing of music and will remain my notation software of choice.

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Use an ASIO enabled softsynth..?
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"NOTE: ASIO4ALL is a generic ASIO driver that works with most audio interfaces, your experience may be different, including long periods of silence and head-scratching." - from the FLStudio online manual.

I tried ASIO4ALL a few years ago and had enough of those "long periods of silence and head-scratching" that I abandoned it after a few days and went back to the standard WDM output. I realize that many people swear by ASIO, but I was swearing at it instead. It's not necessarily a solution for everybody. In my case, adjusting the buffer size in my softsynth (SyFonOne) worked much better.

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Hi William,
I understand.

The thing to remember is that ASIO doesn't like to share - if ANYTHING has hooked the audio interface before the ASIO driver, then silence will ensue.  Just making sure anything that might hook the interface is disabled and all should be fine. 

That said, I do prefer a hardware solution to eliminate latency - it's just easier.
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Thanks Lawry. A couple of notes.

I have gone through several iterations in efforts to avoid latency in the past.

Tried MidiOx and MidiYoke. But then Windows did something that disenabled them. I did note yesterday, however, that they have now added support for Windows 10 and 64 bit processors. Not sure if that would interface with the 32-bit Noteworthy program, but should be possible. May try them again in the future if needed.

Was semi successful in using LoopB1 with a VST to allow for ASIO, but seemed to run into niggling problems from time to time.

Then discovered VirtualMidiSynth, a takeoff from BASSMIDI. Allows adjustments in buffers so may have something like ASIO built in. With a small simple piano soundfont and reduction of buffers to 25 or less, could typically eliminate problematic latency for simple recording with a Noteworthy tempo track in the background, though some stuttering could occur if overloaded in terms of speed, font or staves. Could later add heavier soundfonts adornments.

Then, like a monkey throwing darts, was able to cobble together an ad hoc rewire of Reason (and its [or Mbox?] ASIO) by using Noteworthy, Reason, VirtualMidiSynth and MBox 3. Essentially ran the speaker/headset output from the MBOX headset. Curiously enough, needed to run the Noteworthy tempo track from my computer headphone out into a splitter from the Mbox Headphone out. To make this work, be sure to disable exclusive use mode in all Windows playback devices. Then all played together well, even on faster and more complex recording set. Also, although I still have to check, may allow me to utilize a further set of commercial soundfonts through Reason's NNXT sampler (like Garritan?).

Finally , because sometimes I would not have some of the external  equipment available (or because computer gremlins would be attacking with glee), created a tempo track missing an eighth note at the beginning of the first measure to accommodate latency. Do not know why it works, but seems to. (Prior post discusses).

So, I have currently found some workarounds. However, when I was testing the most recent versions of Finale, I did note the built in latency adjustment and was wondering if Noteworthy might be able to do something similar to simplify life, at least for this monkey. Again, however, I have found Noteworthy to be much easier to work with than some of its unnamed competitors, and will continue to use it with my workarounds. 

Thanks for all the input. Feels good to be retired so I can get back to music. Steve:))


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Reply to William. Tried the SynFonOne with loopMidi. Got it to work well. In my case, sending through MBox3 ASIO seemed to work best. Yet a further tool. Had tried the parent program in a prior iteration. It has progressed. Nice to see.