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Clipboard data

Is there any way to tell if clipboard data from NWC is from the end of the staff or not?
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Re: Clipboard data

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If you have the discipline to put some dummy object only at the end of each staff, you could search for that object.
In general, the answer is no. If the last object is:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
you would be correct in assuming the end of staff most of the time.
A User Tool that receives File Text can be written to detect if the selection includes the last item on the staff.
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Re: Clipboard data

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Thank you.  I just didn't know how to use the mmr tool.  The last thing selected should never be a whole rest unless this a part that is tacet to the end of a piece.  The mmr tool stops counting and creates an MMR if it finds a bar with any style attribute.  To break the MMR's on a rehearsal symbol (on the tempo staff), I just needed to change that bar to a double bar, run the MMR, and change it back.

First time I've looked at that tool in five years.  Rust accumulates.
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