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Mensurstrich.hmm (0.4)
Here is a plugin that allows for "mensurstrich" bar lines (see e.g. this explanation in the Wikipedia). The plugin builds on code by @Lloyd and me for the "ConnectBarlines.hmm" plugin.

There are three examples attached:

  • Mensurstrich.hmm.Demo is a demo score that shows that the plugin works with boundaries; what to do about collapsing staffs; and how to switch off Mensurstriche.
  • DomineNeInFuroreBeginning shows how to set the first set of lines from Josquin des Prez's "Domine, ne in furore", as shown in this score at WikiMedia (without the handwritten initial symbols).
  • EtExsultavitBeginning shows how to add Mensurstriche to a single voice score. The example is the first line of the first score in a German PDF available here (as of September 2017).

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Re: Mensurstrich.test
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I see these messages when I open the score:
Missing font 'MusikChordSansGermanic' referenced by DomineNeInFuroreBeginning.nwctxt
Missing font 'SwingChordGermanic' referenced by DomineNeInFuroreBeginning.nwctxt
Also, your score references the object "Mensurstrich.fso", which can't be found on the forum, since your posted object is named "Mensurstrich.test".

(P.S. - if you haven't already requested "hm" as your NWC Plugin ID, you should do that now. :) )

Re: Mensurstrich.test
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Thanks for quick review - of course, I forgot about the fonts, and then the wrong name (misusing Lloyd's ...) -> I have corrected the score ... and added the "Single" option.
My request for hmm(!) will go out in a minute :-)


Re: Mensurstrich.hmm (0.3)
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I have now uploaded version 0.3 which works with boundary changes and can also be used with collapsing staffs.


Re: Mensurstrich.hmm (0.4)
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... and 0.4 - which fixes a bug with boundaries with an unchecked Lower/Upper checkbox.