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I have been working on a composition for percussion ensemble. I would like to include a gong. The NWC sample drumref.nwc has a Chinese Cymbal but the sound in midi playback is not much different than the crash or high hat. DrumStaff.fso by Lloyd in't any help either. What I am looking for is the sound of a chau gong or heng gong 13" or 16" or so. To indicate it on a score isn't a problem but where can I find a midi playback (plugin) that produces the sounds of the various Chinese gongs or even a large symphonic gong. Maybe it's just something for a wish list.

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This could give you an idea what each midi sound is available if that helps: patchtst.nwc

It is in Scriptorium.
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In the end not sure how helpful this is but it certainly has given me further incentive to explore scriptorium. Also learning about using midi patch. Perhaps my computer sound card doesn't support the sound I am looking for. Thank you.