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Switching Percussion Sound Banks
Been using Noteworthy for about 3 years arranging for a 12 part band but still no expert.

Yesterday was the first time I used the Percussion Track (CH10) and as reference, I wrote a chromatic scale from octave 1 to octave 6 and then added a Lyric line with short tags of the sounds e.g. "Snare", "Crash" etc. as a lookup "Percussion Library" for cut and paste into any drum line.

All worked well until suddenly the sounds changed (what was percussion instruments became sound effects; footsteps, shrieks, gunshots etc.) Try as I might I cannot get it back to the original.

I have upgraded from NWC 2.5 to 2.75 recently and had to change the Windows 7 Pro device to Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth but it was working on that device before.

Any tips on patches or bank selections?


Re: Switching Percussion Sound Banks
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Hi Deon,
I would check the clef on the staff - make sure you use percussion or bass clef - treble clef is a different part of the "instrument" and is less drum kit and more orchestral percussion.
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Re: Switching Percussion Sound Banks
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Deon, did you know: File -> Open sample -> DrumRef.nwc?

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Re: Switching Percussion Sound Banks
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you can check if there's some other staff making instrument changes on CH10. By default if you asign a staff to CH10 (in a GM playback device) it might play a drum kit... You can hear a BassDrum in C1, a Snare in D1 and E1, and so on... so remember to use a percussion or bass clef, as Lawrie said...
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Re: Switching Percussion Sound Banks
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Thanks all, this forum is brilliant (and quick responses).

I loaded DrumRef.nwc and that worked just fine.

I do have percussion cleft already set so all I need to do now is spot the other configuration setting differences.

I am sure I will work it out.

Thanks again.

Re: Switching Percussion Sound Banks
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OK, it seems it could have been a botched upgrade from V2.5 to V2.75 as my "Lib" file was started in the previous version.

All is well now - thanks again.

Re: Switching Percussion Sound Banks
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Also note that if you insert an instrument change then you can select different drum kits.

A useful one is 48 which replaces some percussion sounds with Timpani notes sounding as written (within the timp range).

Re: Switching Percussion Sound Banks
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  •   0 - Standard Kit
  •   1 - Standard Kit 2
  •   4 - Hit Kit
  •   7 - Room Kit { SC-88 }
  •   8 - Room Kit { SC-55 }
  • 16 - Rock (Power) Kit
  • 24 - Electronic Kit
  • 25 - Analog Kit { TR-909 }
  • 26 - Dance Kit
  • 32 - Jazz Kit
  • 40 - Brush Kit
  • 48 - Symphony (Orchestra) Kit
  • 49 - Ethnic Kit
  • 50 - Kick & Snare Kit
  • 56 - Sound Effects (SFX) Kit
  • 57 - Rhythm FX Kit
  • 80 - Live! Standard Kit
  • 81 - Live! Funk Kit
  • 99 - Chaos Standard Drum Kit
  • 127 - MT-32 Drum Kit
N.B. Do not assume that all synths have all those kits!