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Merry Christmas
Hi all,
just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

I hope you are all able to enjoy this season by sharing it with family and friends.  Great conversations, great meals together, time spent just loving each other and, of course, making wonderful music together.

For myself, I'm about to go to a short church service where my friends and I will share some time together worshiping Jesus, then back home to lunch with my kids; their spouses; my granddaughter and my wife's brothers and their wives.  Gonna have a good day :)

I plays 'Bones, crumpets, coronets, floosgals 'n youfonymums - gonna lern tubies next

Re: Merry Christmas
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Same to you Lawrie and the rest of the Noteworthy community.  On the west coast in the States where Christmas is still 9 1/2 hours away.  Looking forward to dinner with the family in a bit and candlelight service at church to welcome Christmas.

Michael Powell

Re: Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas to all from this side of the pond.

Re: Merry Christmas
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A Merry Christmas to all of you ...

... and Noteworthy is instrumental in Christmas for me - I played three services on the organ yesterday, and one more in 20 minutes, and in all of them I use sketches written with NWC. So a Merry Christmas also to the NWC program :)


Re: Merry Christmas
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Mentioned briefly elsewhere, our choir sang at midnight mass last night, and several of the scores we sang from were NWC versions I created to minimize the number of page flips.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!


Re: Merry Christmas
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Let me also say merry Christmas, particularly to Eric who has done so much for us all for so many years.

Re: Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas!
Francis Beaumier
Green Bay, WI