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This object is based on, but instead uses cubic Bezier curves, which offer finer control over the shape. The snippet below shows a cubic slur with example settings, compared with a balance-adjusted and native slur.

Paste the following snippet into NWC 2.75, then go to Tools > Manage Objects to install the object.
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|Text|Text:" (balanced)"|Font:StaffItalic|Scale:75|Pos:10
For details on the object's parameters, refer to the context-sensitive help on object's properties page.

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Very cool Mike - I'm not sure which one I prefer though...

Maybe I need to see 'em in real life, perhaps different slurs for different contexts.
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Thanks Lawrie. I don't expect this new version to be used everywhere, but for long multi-note slurs, I have felt that the end points for regular (quadratic) slurs can be a bit too flat, at least in comparison to published sheet music I've seen.


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Attached are the first pages of a choral score I am creating for our church choir, as rendered with standard and cubic slurs. The version with the standard slurs makes extensive use of the slur markers to tighten things up where possible.

One advantage of the cubic slur version is that I was able to reduce the spacing between staves.

I am sure that the difference in appearance between the two slur types is a matter of personal preference, but people can choose whichever they prefer.

It should also be noted that for the cubic slur version, I had to create two slurs for each run, on each side of the system break, since (and for that matter) does not know how to span systems.


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Hi Mike,
seeing the two types "side by side" as long slurs, your cubic version looks very good to my eye.

Thanks buddy.
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The user object has been updated, with the following changes:

  • Minor parameter adjustment and menu improvements
  • Parameter adjust anchor boxes are now visible only in edit mode


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Hi Mike,

I'm just starting to use your slur.cubic-tool, which I find very helpful! Thanks for this!
But now I've just encountered a little problem, and I don't know if I am making a mistake or if I just hit the limits of your user object.

As you can see in the attached files, I tried to create a slur from measures 6 (3rd beat) to 10 (2nd beat). This works perfectly in the program itself, but in the printout it doesn't, because in the middle of the slur there is a system break. Unfortunately the slur only shows up in the upper system and doesn't continue in the lower one.

Now I'm curious if there's any possibility to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance! 

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Hello jfb,

Unfortunately, the Slur and SlurCubic objects are not currently capable of spanning a system, as native slurs are able to do. The only way to achieve a spanned slur object is to create two slurs, one on each side of the system break. You will also need to place a hidden grace rest immediately before the system break so that the slur has a target.

I have considered a change to the slur objects to allow them to span systems, which is now possible with 2.75a beta, but I need to find a straightforward way to specify the end point offsets for subsequent slur segments before this can be done.


Re: (2.1)

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The user object has been updated for version 2.75a, with the following changes:

  • An embedded user tool has been added, which allows a slur to be added for a selection.
  • Interactive editing of the object's parameters has been added, using the numeric keypad.