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This plugin creates a visual tempo marking with a number of enhancements:

  • The tempo value can be general text, rather than just numbers
  • The text font can be specified
  • Several types of swing tempo equation can be included
  • Both leading and trailing text can be included
  • A text scale factor can be applied

Note that this tempo marking is visual only, and does not change the tempo of the score. A regular tempo marking with Visibility set to Never may be used in conjunction with this object.

To install the object, copy the following clip, and paste as a new file in Noteworthy 2.75:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|User||Pos:8.5|PostText:"but not too much"|PreText:"With feeling"|Tempo:"ca. 60"|Font:StaffItalic|LeftSwing:"Double Eighths"|RightSwing:"Triplet Quarter + Eighth"
Then, press Ctrl-J, or go to Tools > User Objects...  This will display a list of user objects that you currently have installed, as well as objects that require installation. Find "" in the list, and double-click that line. This will display the object script in a window. Click the "Install" button to complete the installation.

For details on the object's parameters, refer to the context-sensitive help on object's properties page.

Re: (version 2.0)

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The object has been significantly updated, and now includes a number of new parameters to implement swing tempo equation display.  The new parameters were added with backward compatibility in mind, so that scores which used the old object should work the same as before.  The following changes of behavior have been made for the new version:
  • The "spin" keys (+/-) now control the scale factor, and the numeric keypad keys can be used to toggle the other parameter values. Refer to the context sensitive help for more information.
  • The logic which controls the presence of ( ) now works with both the standard tempo as well as the swing tempo equation. Refer to the context sensitive help for more information.
  • If the tempo value is set to a blank string, the standard tempo will be suppressed. This makes the most sense if the user wishes to only display a swing tempo equation.
  • The position of the augmentation dot on standard tempos has been tweaked slightly for better appearance.
  • When a new is inserted in the score, it will inherit the parameter settings of the preceding object in the score, if one is present.
Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the new object version.

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The forum stats tell me that the new version has been downloaded 11 times, so some people will have seen it by now. But I haven't seen any comments about it, which I suppose fits the saying "no news is good news".  I am mainly interested to know if my modifications were as backward compatible as intended (i.e. that previous scores with still look correct). But it would also be nice to hear if I got the new features right.


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Hey Mike,
I haven't noticed any issues, but I haven't done much lately either...

My default custom template includes a object so it's not as if I'm not using it as such.
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Hi Mike,

I'm so sorry, I was very busy the last days, so I didn't find the time to try your object. But now I did, and I must say: it's great!!  :) It's exactly what I was hoping for! So thanks a lot!!

Greetings from Germany,

Re: (version 2.0)

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Mike, is this the same as, or different, and if so, do I need both?


Re: (version 2.0)

Reply #6 and are separate objects with different use cases. In short, displays two single note durations on each side of an = sign, which is centered over a barline, and is intended to show a change in the tempo factor. displays tempo values and can optionally show various double note swing rhythms. I'd suggest playing with each of them to get the feel for how they work.

Re: (version 2.0)

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Thanks for all the work that you (and others) have done to provide additional options and features for NWC.