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Request for a grace note tool

In the attached snippet (711a), the grace notes take time from the quarter note in the 2nd beat, sounding like the measure in the middle staff (although the grace notes sound faster in the top staff), but what I would like is the bottom staff.

As an experiment I put the three measures on the same staff, exported to midi, and imported them back (711b).  The 16th grace notes had turned into 32nds. How does this work?

If anyone has or is working on a tool that can change the top staff to the bottom, please let me know before I try to tackle this.

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Re: Request for a grace note tool

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what I would like is the bottom staff.
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Re: Request for a grace note tool

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Since I often write for harp, very often I need that kind of arpeggio but, as far as I know, there's no other way than to write it explicitly, possibly in a hidden staff.

About the grace notes duration, as a base take that each note is a 32nd, no matter which is the duration shown.
Of course you can always tie more notes so as to reach the desired duration.

There is a couple of problems (or maybe more ;-).
If the tempo is slow, an arpeggio of 32nd can be too slow.
If the number of grace notes times 1/32 exceeds the non grace note duration, then odd things happen.

Then there is the matter of the grace rests, and this is a mess.
I'll leave it to some master, like the one who taught me. ;-)

P.S. While I was typing I saw Rick's answer.
He's incredible indeed!


Re: Request for a grace note tool

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Thank you, gentlemen!  I already have functions in JavaScript that can convert the nwctxt Dur (like Dur:16th,Dotted) to the equivalent number of 768th notes and back if need be, but messing with the last note of the previous bar could get tricky.

Flurmy, that observation of 32nd notes for grace makes sense.  Thanks.
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