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hiding staff (another question)
In topic 9111 I asked about hiding a staff. Rick answered me and I understand that. After that the song was printed good.
After making many other changes to the song, I am not able again to hide the staff, but it seems not to be the same problem.
Who can help me?

I only want to print out the staffs called S, A, T and B. In measure 16 starts a part where all men should sing unisono and all women also should sing unisono. I want to print from measure 16 (till 30) only two staffs (A (alto) and B (bass)), but there is an empty staff in my print.
How can I hide / collapse that staff in the right way.

The PDF has the right format, but some other bugs, which are fixed meanwhile. The NWC is the current file.


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Re: hiding staff (another question)
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Well, I tested the file and it seemed easy for me.
First of all, in the main edit window disable the "layering in edit mode" option, because you will want to view all your visible staves (S, S2, A, A2, T, T2, T3, B, B2 & B3). For doing that there's an icon in toolbar, but you can also do it from [View->Layering in Edit Mode]. Then go to measure 15, there's a hidden (¿?) bar with a system break and just after that you've inserted several boundaty changes for collapse sections in some staves. Well, I've deleted all those boundary changes (from the staves S, S2, A, A2, T, T2 & T3) and after that I've inserted a new ones ONLY in the staves you want to hide: S, S2, T, T2 & T3. The way to do it is very easy: [Insert->Boundary Change...] and then select the option "Start a collapsible section".
Do the same in measure 31: hide only the staves you want to hide and, if you want to make visible some collapsed staff just go to it and again: [Insert->Boundary Change...] but then select the option "Cancel/forbid collapse from this bar" to make it visible.

I hope it will help you ^_^
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Re: hiding staff (another question)
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This is what I came up with on the fly.
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