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NRPNs in NWC 2.75 Beta
I posed a question to Noteworthy support whether NRPNs would be supported in the new version of NWC and got a reply from Beth at Noteworthy that, yes they are included and that I should download the beta version.

I did so, but I, for the life of me, can not find any command, dialog box, drop down, or other feature that allows me to insert a nerpin.  Does anyone have an idea where I should start?  I'm not a NWC techie like a lot of you and need an "idiots guide to Noteworthy"   Note that the beta version has no references in the user manual about NRPNs or RPNs or any insertion points for organ stops.

I posed this question several years back and someone suggested I look into instrument trees.  The organ we use doesn't really accommodate that facility.  I can set pistons by sending standard instrument patches on a special channel, but as for individual stops, I had to await this new version.  I'm really looking forward to doing some registration and voicing if I can ever figure out now to do it! 

Thanks in advance if anyone here has any information or expertise in this area.
novice user, but eager to learn

Re: NRPNs in NWC 2.75 Beta
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NWC 2.75 includes the necessary infrastructure to support NRPN instructions, but it does not offer any native controls to send such instructions. I created a user object that should make it very easy to control your organ stops. Refer to the new MIDIParm.nw  object plugin:

This object allows you to send MIDI RPN and NRPN changes. If you do not want these to show when printing, then you will need to hide the object. You can change the text that is displayed for the object by adding a ShowAs property.

If you need any help, just reply here. It would be useful to know additional details about the kind of parameter number changes needed by your organ.
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Re: NRPNs in NWC 2.75 Beta
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From an old message, you apparently have a Allen C12 organ. I looked up the manual, but could not find any NRPN details for this organ. If you have any further details, I can provide more assistance.