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This object allows a list of accidental strings to be defined such that they form a custom key signature. The following sample will get you started:

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A list of accidentals are defined by a series of comma separated strings. Each string in the sequence gets displayed at the next position in the circle of fifths. An empty string can be used to skip a position in the circle of fifths. By default, the circle of fifths position starts at position 0, and cycles through the standard flat circle of fifth positions. If the list continues, the traditional sharp circle of fifth positions are used. If the list continues, then the process wraps and starts over again with position 0.

The starting position in the flat to sharp circle of fifths can be defined. This can be used to start with the first sharp position. The exact location for each position is relative to the user object's position, which allows additional flexibility.

This object is best used with the Accidentals font, by Ertuğrul İnanç. It can be found at:

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Thank you very much, I can't express my delight and gratitude! :)